Rupantaran Foundation was formed in 2009 with an aim to promote responsive citizenship among communities through engaged youth and adolescents. Rupantaran also works as a resource and capacity building organization for social partners and institutes.
At Rupantaran, we work on issues of gender, health, education and child protection. The organisation works directly or through partners to involve youth in active learning methods to become responsible social change agents for themselves and their surroundings.
Rupantaran engages with youth, adolescents, community members, government bodies, institutions and partner organisations in West Bengal through direct implementation or as technical support organisation.

 Theory of Change


We believe that engaging youth and adolescents through a structured life skill and perspective building process connected to their passion will enable them to emerge as active leaders of social change. If the vibrant cohort of youth in India is constructive and aware then they can shape a just, equitable and nonviolent world.